Wildfire season. Andrew Pyper. 2005.

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Ross River, a.k.a. “Lost Liver”, is a town on the edge, clinging to the outside world at the end of the Yukons loneliest road. It’s the perfect hiding place for Miles McEwan, the town’s hard-drinking, fist-fighting fire chief. No one gets close to Miles, except the blackened spectre of a young man only he can see, a haunting reminder of the forest fire that scarred Miles’s face and psyche.

But the slow burn of Miles’s exile is about to explode into life – and death – over the course of a handful of days at the height of the wildfire season. A hunting party seeking one of the last giant grizzlies is about to encounter a savagery of a different sort. In the mountains, a flame ignited by human hands begins to smoulder. And amidst the primeval beauty of rock and forest, someone is contemplating murder.As the hunting expedition confronts a chilling new enemy, and the growing inferno races to the edge of town, Miles embarks on a desperate rescue not only for the life of his five-year-old daughter but also for his own salvation.