War of the crowns. Christian Jacq. 2002.

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It’s the 17th Century B.C. The barbaric Hyksos have taken possession of the whole of Egypt, imposing their harsh rule with unimaginable cruelty.

Only Queen Ahhotep has yet to succumb. Not far from Thebes, the only city which retains its independence, she has established a secret military base to train the soldiers who will one day set her country free. Even when, during an initial skirmish, her husband is killed, the Queen refuses to give in, turning instead to her eldest son, Kames, who must learn to take his father’s place and become pharaoh in his turn.

Heading an increasingly powerful army, Ahhotep steals victory after victory, in spite of the treacherous behaviour of a handful of collaborators. From south to north, the Egyptians begin to re-group, becoming stronger by the day - and the occupying forces no longer seem quite so invincible.