Tying of threads (Dettman, Joy)(2014, paperback)

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Georgie—When a house fire takes the life of her sister and burns her home to the ground, Georgie is lost. She flees town with nothing but a cardboard box and the determination to be somebody, anybody, else.

Cara—After almost losing her adopted daughter, Cara’s decided that life is to be lived and love is to be cherished. But is any love great enough to overcome an unimaginable burden of guilt and shame?

Jenny—With her nest empty, Jenny is more lonely than ever. Rattling around her big old house with too much time to think, she’s left to wonder: should her secrets stay buried forever or will revealing the truth set her free?

As the new millennium draws ever closer and Woody Creek struggles to survive, one thing becomes clear—in order to face their futures, Jenny and her daughters must first make peace with their pasts. If it’s not too late.