To catch a killer. Alex Kava. 2008.

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A group of young men commit suicide in a secluded cabin. A politician’s daughter is found strangled. FBI criminal profiler Maggie O’Dell is assigned to both cases and finds a connection. Reverend Joseph Everett, the charismatic leader of a religious cult, bent on seducing the lonely and vulnerable. Maggie’s involvement becomes personal when she realises a member of her own family has been seduced by Everett’s slick illusions.


Someone is trying to hide their dirty little secrets. When Special Agent Maggie O’Dell receives news from Dr Gwen Patterson about a missing patient, she agrees to look into the woman’s disappearance. At first she dismisses Gwen’s fears, but then the body of a woman is discovered in a barrel buried in a rock quarry. The more bodies are unearthed. As Maggie is drawn into the case, she realises that this is undoubtedly the work of a serial killer.


There’s no turning back, and there is nothing left to lose. Melanie Starks and her son Charlie have been running one con job after another for as long as she can remember. But now she’s getting sick of that life. Then Jared Barnett is released from prison and claims he has the perfect plan for a bank robbery-with help from Melanie and Charlie. Determined this will be her last job ever, Melanie agrees. But things go terribly wrong......