The Front (Cornwell, Patricia)(2008, hardcover)

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Massachusetts State Investigator Win Garano is given one of his most challenging cases yet when he is asked to investigate the death of a young British woman murdered more than forty years ago. Assumed to be a victim of the Boston Strangler, blind Janie Brolin was raped and left for dead in 1962.

With no DNA and sketchy police records, this is a case that will test Garson to his limits. It will take him on a journey through the archives, into the latest innovations in forensic technology and into partnership with senior officers at London’s New Scotland Yard.

As Garano unearths deadly secrets from the past, his hard-nosed boss Monique Lamont is putting both their lives in jeopardy with her lust for power and success. With past and present colliding, the tension mounts with every page......