Superior Saturday (Nix, Garth)(Keys to the Kingdom, Bk.6)(2008, paperback)

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Arthur Penhaligon has wrested five of the Keysnfrom the trustees of he Will, but gaining the Sixth Key poses a greater challenge than any before. Superior Saturday is the oldest Denizen and the most powerful sorcerer within the House. She has thousands of sorcerers at her command and has been preparing for the Rightful Heir and the Will’s escape all along.

As Saturday’s schemes become evident, Arthur is beset on all sides. The House is being destroyed, and only the Keys can hold back the tide of destruction. Arthur’s home city is under attack. His allies are unreliable. He can’t get into the impregnable Upper House, and even if he does, finding themSixth Part of the Will and the Sixth Keynmight not be enough to stop Saturday’s ultimate bid for power.