Sir Thursday. Garth Nix. 2006.

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Arthur Penhaligon doesn’t expect to be a soldier - after all, he’s the Rightful Heir, he wields the first three powerful Keys to the Kingdom, and he has a broken leg. But when he returns to the House, determined to defeat the Morrow Days, there’s no escaping Sir Thursday’s inexorable plan. Forced into the Glorious Army of the Architect, Arthur is drafted to serve for a hundred long years

Back home, a Spirit Eater has stolen Arthur’s place and is rapidly corrupting the minds of his family and friends. With Arthur gone, only Leaf can stop this sorceress clone.

But Will Leaf be in time? And how will Arthur find the next part of the Will, claim the fourth Key and defeat not only Sir Thursday but a marauding army of savage Nithlings?