Silent hour. Michael Koryta. 2010.

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Whisper Ridge - Home to Dreams - 6 November 1992-27 April 1996

So reads the strange epitaph carved beside the front door of Whisper Ridge, a multi-million-dollar mansion that once housed the beginnings of Alexandra Sanabria's unique program for parolled murderers. Uninhabited for twelve years, the home still stands as a strange monument to dangerous secrets.

Private investigator Lincoln Perry's first involvement with the house and its legacy comes when Parker Harrison - a convicted killer and former parolee at Whisper Ridge - asks him to find Alexandra, who disappeared with her husband after the failure of the parolee program.

Against his better judgment, Perry agrees to take on the case. When he learns that the skeletal remains of Alexandra's husband have been found, he wishes he'd trusted his initial instincts .

With the police investigation reactivated and decades-old threats arising, Perry is confronted with a sordid family mystery that will challenge both his abilities as a detective and his commitment to that calling .