Raising girls (Preuschoff, Gisela)

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This book explores girls’ emotional and physical development from ages 1 to 16.
Every parent of girls aged between 1 and 16 will enjoy reading this informative and practical book. It focuses on girls’ emotional and physical development, their education, social conditioning and their relationship with parents and siblings.

Psychologist and parenting author Gisela Preuschoff covers everything you need to know about girls from birth to teenage years, in this easy to follow guide which includes examples from real families.

The book includes:
- how girls and boys differ in behaviour and emotions
- nurturing a girl’s self-esteem and reducing fears
- breaking out of the helpless girl’ syndrome
- how society conditions girls avoiding gender stereotypes in toys etc
- girls’ experiences at preschool, single sex or co-ed
- girls and maths and sciences and how parents can encourage their daughters
- teen issues and puberty
- the importance of a father’s relationship with his daughter