Prince of dogs. Kate Elliott. 1999.

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Sanglant, the prince of dogs and King Henry’s bastard son, is being held captive in the city of Gent by Bloodheart, the Erika warlord.

Liath, now one of the King’s Eagles and still grieving over the loss of Sanglant, is desperately trying to unlock the secrets of her own past. 

Alain, now proclaimed a Count’s heir, is increasingly troubled by visions of the enemy he befriended and the Lady of Battles whom he’s sworn to serve.

And Fifth Brother, least favoured son of Bloodheart, has returned to the lands of his own people to unite the scattered tribes and build an army to do his father’s bidding.

While King Henry continues his progress through a troubled realm, Sanglant, Liath, Alain and Fifth Brother fight their own individual battles. Only time will tell who will prove triumphant as all of them are caught up in the dangers and turmoil of a world at war……..