Matter of trust (Bauer, Sydney)(2010, paperback)

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It’s been a long time since criminal defence attorney David Cavanaugh has heard his childhood friend Chris Kincaid speak of Marilyn Maloney; for hers is a name from their past, from a time when David, Chris, and the third in their gang of three, Mike vowed never to let a girl get in the way of their friendship.

But now Chris is the ‘successful, happily married US Senator for New Jersey’, and when he pleads with David to return home to Newark to help him locate the girl he ‘used’ to love, David reluctantly agrees, leaving his wife and baby daughter behind in Boston.

What starts out as a favour to a friend soon turns into a major homicide investigation when a woman’s bruised and battered body is hauled from the freezing waters of the Passaic. Marilyn is dead, Chris is charged with her murder and David faces the harrowing responsibility of defending one childhood friend accused of killing another.......