Life in Parts. Bryan Cranston. 2016.

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Bryan Cranston landed his first role at seven, when his father cast him in a United Way commercial. Acting was clearly the boy’s destiny, until one day his father disappeared. Destiny suddenly took a backseat to survival.

In his riveting memoir, Cranston maps his zigzag journey from abandoned son to beloved star by recalling the many odd parts he’s played in real life - from paperboy to murder suspect, and chronicles his evolution on camera.

From soap opera regular to his recurring spot on Seinfeld as dentist Tim Wheatley he recalls his role in Malcolm in The Middle as dad, Hal, and gives an inspiring account of how he prepared, physically and mentally, for the challenging role of President Lyndon Barnes Johnson, a tour de force that won him a Tony.

Of course, Cranston dives deep into the grittiest details of his greatest role, explaining how he searched inward for the personal darkness that would help him create one of the most memorable performances ever captured on screen: Walter White.