Last albatross (Irvine, Ian)(2000, paperback)

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Sydney, 2010. HouseNet controls the fridge, cars run on fuel cells, death lotteries have replaced Greenpeace, Medibet is the latest infotainment and for Hercus Barges - middle-aged, bitter and a disillusioned failure - widespread environmental degradation has led to an obsession with the ultimate crime: the destruction of humanity.

Reaching back to his past, Hercus digs up the weapons grade plutonium he stole from Maralinga atomic test site years ago. He then tries blackmailing his old University friend, Ryan Hardey, into helping him.

Along with his shy partner, Jemma, Ryan’s major concerns have been paying the mortgage, home renovations and dreaming of a break from the daily grind. But Hercus’s secret is out. Plutonium is worth a fortune on the black market and organised crime figures are desperate to get their hands on it.nRyn and Jemma are soon on the run from Hercus, eco-terrorists and professional hit men, as they fight to stop one man’s final protest.