Lady cop makes trouble (Stewart, Amy)(2016, paperback)

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In 1915, lady cops were not expected to chase down fugitives on the streets of New York City. But Constance Kopp never did what anyone expected.

Bergen County’s Sheriff Heath has appointed Constance as one of the nation’s first female deputies. He knows that’s a powerful addition to his force, and she knows she can do the job, but when the wiles of a German-speaking conman threaten her position and her hopes for this new life - and risk the honourable sheriff being thrown into his own jail - Constance is forced to prove herself again.

Lady Cop Makes Trouble sees Constance on the trail of a fugitive, helping runaway girls taken in by unscrupulous men, and sorting out why an old woman is taking the fall for a murder she couldn’t have committed. Cheering her on are her sisters Norma and Fleurette - that is, when they aren’t, respectively, training pigeons for the war effort or fanning dreams of a life on the stage.