Handbags and gladrags (Alderson, Maggie)(2004, paperback)

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Fashion stylist Emily Pointer is a natural blonde, a tall size 10, travels the world for work and gets 30 per cent discount at Prada. As far as she's concerned, life is perfect.
So surely a night of wild sex with a hunky Australian photographer will be just another fabulous experience to add to the package? Instead, Emily starts to discover that life can be messy – and the designer clothes in your closet can be squeezed out by the skeletons lurking there too.
From Milan to London, Paris and New York, Emily does her utmost to conceal the rampant affair – Miles is her secret lover and that's the way it's going to stay. But secrets come at a cost and Emily is about to be hit with the bill. After all, you can't live on emotional credit forever . . . can you?