Forty seven roses. Peter Sheridan. 2001.

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Peter Sheridan has written an enthralling account of his parents` relationship, from their first encounter over a poker game in a Dundalk canteen to their final, happy days together in retirement. But all was not as straightforward as it appeared for when Peter`s father died suddenly, it became painfully evident that an awkward situation needed to be resolved. Since the 1940s, Peter`s father had maintained a relationship with another woman, Doris. Their correspondence spanned five decades and Doris had long harboured the secret hope that Peter`s father would one day be hers. Someone would have to tell her about the death of her old friend... At turns humorous and heartbreaking, Forty-Seven Roses is the unforgettable tale of a love that can transcend even overpowering odds. It`s the account of a marriage dogged by a shadowy third partner, of fierce family pride and of how sometimes the pain of grief can re-ignite the vital spark of love.