Find them dead (James, Peter)(2020, paperback)

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Ending his secondment to London’s Met Police, Roy Grace gets a tip-off about a county lines drugs mastermind operating out of Brighton. On his first day back in his old job in Sussex, he is called to a seemingly senseless murder

Separately, five years after the car crash that killed her husband and son, Meg Magellan feels she has her life back together. Her daughter Laura, now eighteen, is on her gap year travelling in South America with a friend, and she is all she has in the world.

When Meg receives a summons for jury service she’s excited and feels this will help distract her from constantly worrying about Laura. But when she is selected for the trial of a major Brighton drugs overlord, everything changes.

Gradually, Grace’s investigation draws him into the sinister sphere of influence of the drug dealer on trial, a man prepared to order the death of anyone it takes to enable him to walk free.

When Meg arrives home one night, she finds a photograph lying on her kitchen table of Laura, in Ecuador.then the phone rings.

The caller tells her that if she ever wants to see Laura alive again, at the end of trial, all she has to do is make sure the jury says just two words....Not guilty.