Fifth column (Gross, Andrew)(2019, paperback)

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Februaryn1939 and Europe is on the brink of war. Charles Mossman is in a bar in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, reeling from the loss of his job and his failing marriage, whilst. Outside thousands of Nazi sympathisers are attending a hate-spewing rally. As he confronts one, Charles makes a horrendous mistake with deadly consquences.

Two years later, Charlies is released from prison and tries to make amends with his wife and daughter. America is wrestling with whether to enter the growing war but support is growing, driving Nazi sympathisers underground. Charles begins to understand that surrounding them are forces that will use any means necessary to bring about the downfall of his nation.

When Charles’s daughter is befriended by a seemingly amiable Swiss couple, it brings to the surface his fears of a ‘Fifth Column’ of embedded German spies in their new neighbourhood. All Charles wants is to redeem himself as a husband and father, but sometimes a man must do whatever it takes to stand up for his family and what he believes, even sacrificing his life to do so.........