Feed me now. Bill Granger. 2009.

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If anyone knows how to please a crowd, it's Bill Granger, the man behind the landmark bills restaurants. Bill's food is fresh, simple, healthy and delicious - it's food for people who love to eat but are short of time to cook, people with too much to do to fuss in the kitchen and at the table, people with families and friends to feed, people just like you. Divided into quick reference chapters so you can find the meals which best suit you, Feed Me Now!, Bill Granger's seventh cookbook, gives you new ideas for breakfasts - for which Bill is world famous - lunches and dinners; food for two, food for more, meals on a budget, snacks and nibbles, and meals you can freeze now, eat later. Recipes are accompanied by beautiful photography and handy kitchen tips from Bill. Destined to become a kitchen essential, Feed Me Now! is Bill Granger at his best, bringing you real food you can enjoy every day.