Dark slayer. Christine Feehan. 2009.

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A rumour has persisted in the vampire world of a dark slayer-a woman-who travels with a wolf pack and who destroys any vampire who crosses her path. Mysterious, elusive and seemingly impossible to kill, she is the one hunter who strikes terror into the hearts of the undead. She is Ivory Malinov. Long ago betrayed by her people, she has sustained her sanity by preparing for one purpose-to destroy her greatest enemy. Until the night she picks up the scent of a man. Her lifemate. The curse of all Carpathian women.

He is Razvan. Branded a criminal, detested and feared, he is a dragonseeker, borne of one of the greatest Carpathian lineages, only to be raised as its’ most despised - and captive - enemy. Fleeing from his lifetime of imprisonment, Razvan now seeks the dawn to end his terrible existence. Instead he has found his deliverance  in the Dark Slayer. In spirit, in flesh and blood, in love and in war, Ivory and Razvan are made for each other.