Cafe by the bridge. Lily Malone. 2019.

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Child psychologist Taylor Woods needs a man - flashy restaurateur Abel Hineychurch to be specific.nAbe can help her get justice for her brother, Will. Taylor knows Abe was scammed by the same woman who broke her brother’s heart and stole everything in his pockets.

But bringing a lying, cheating scammer to justice isn’t easy when all Abe wants to do is forget the whole sorry saga. Hes returned to his hometown of Chalk Hill to lick his wounds and repay his debts, renovating his manna’s house and opening the Chalk n Cheese cafe.

He’s miserable. And it would be easier to stay miserable if everyone else around him wasn’t so darn cheerful. It’s wildflower season in Chalk Hill with a cafe full of upbeat bush walkers, and it’s all Abe can do to remember to put sugar, not salt, in his customers’ cappuccinos. He definitely has no time for the mysterious red-headed guest who admires his cheesecake and adores his flat white.

Taylor’s mission to help her brother seems doomed - how will she gain the trust of a man whose every instinct tells him never to trust a woman again?