Broken window. Jeffery Deaver. 2009.

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Lincoln Rhyme is wrapped up in a transatlantic case when he gets an unwelcome phone call: his cousin, Arthur, has been arrested for first-degree murder. All the evidence says he did it. And this much evidence can’t be wrong.

Or can it? As Lincoln and Amelia investigate, they find a spider web of crime woven by the most insidious killer they have ever encountered. A man obsessed with collecting - from junk on the street to intimate details about his victims, to the ultimate trophy: human lives themselves. This is a man who tortures and murders, a man proficient with razors and guns, but whose most dangerous weapon is information.

Information he obsessively culls from the corporate and government databases which contain every single aspect of our lives.

Information he wields with ruthless precision against those he targets......and against those who try to stop him.