Beneath the skin. Nicci French. 2000.

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Zoe is a young schoolteacher, newly arrived in the big city, Jennifer is the mother of three boys, prosperous, respectable, unhappy. Nadia is a children’s party entertainer just out of a bad relationship, wondering what to do with her life. Three women with nothing in common except the man who wants to kill them. More than that, he wants to see them suffer, to enjoy his power over the women and their police guards. In a series of notes he announces his plans to his terrified victims.

What can they do in the face of a man who wants nothing from them except their lives? This is a story of our worst fear, the fear that in the end we are on our own, that nobody can protect us. It explores the extremities of terror and desire, of betrayal and trust, the urge to kill and the desperate instinct to survive. It is about the powerlessness of being victim, and finding the strength to fight back.