Below deck. Sophie Hardcastle. 2020.

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Twenty-one-year-old Olivia hears the world in colour , but her life is mottled grey. Estranged from her parents, and living with her grandfather who is drowning in sadness. Oli faces the reality of life beyond university alone.

When she walks on a boat with no recollection f how she got there, she accepts the help of two strangers who change the course of her future forever. With Max and Maggie, Oli learns to navigate a life upon open ocean and the world flowers into colours she’s never seen before.

Four years later, Oli, fluent in the language of the sea, is the only woman among men on a yacht delivery from Noumea to Auckland. In the darkness below deck, she learns that at sea, no one can hear you scream.

Below Deck is about the moments that haunt us, the moments that fan out like ripples through the deep. So that everything else, becomes everything after.