Bad behaviour. Liz Byrski. 2009.

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One mistake can change a life forever.

Zoe is living a contented family life in Fremantle. She works, she gardens and she loves her supportive husband Archie and their three children. But the arrival of a new woman into her son Daniel's life unsettles Zoe. Suddenly she is feeling angry and hurt, and is lashing out at those closest to her.

In Sussex, England, Julia is feeling nostalgic as she nurses her best friend through the last painful stages of cancer, Her husband, Tome, is trying to convince her to slow down but Julia fears that he's pushing her into old age before she is ready. But she knows she is lucky to have him. She so nearly didn't....

These two women's lives have been shaped by the decisions they made back in 1968-when they were young, idealistic and naive. In a world that was a whirl of politics and protest, consciousness-raising and sexual liberation, Zoe and Julia were looking for love, truth and their own happy endings. They soon discovered that life is rarely that simple, as their bad behaviour leads them down paths from which they can never turn back.