Back, After the break. Osher Gunsberg. 2018.

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It’s hard to remember a time when Osher Gunsberg (or Andrew G as he was then) wasn’t on TV - he’s just always been there, looking at easem in the spotlight, beaming a big smile, with an occasionally questionable haircut, on everything from Channel v tomAustralian Idol, and later capturing the heart of the nation by hosting every season of  The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise.

But while everything looks great from the outside, the real picture has not always been quite so rosy. Osher has always known he’s different to most other people. Struggling with anxiety, panic attacks and weight issues since he was young, he tried for years to drink away the anxiety and depression. He ended up unemployed, divorced, suicidal and certifiable on the other side of the world, yet somehow he managed to put back together the broken pieces of his mind and make a life for himself again. He lives with a mental illness - and he’s come to terms with it to live an authentic, rich and fulfilling life.