Wizard’s first rule (Goodkind, Terry)(1994, paperback)

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Since the sundering of the land into three disparate nations, Westland has remained resolutely free of the taint of sorcery, leaving its people to lead their lives unmolested by magic. Until, that is, the discovery of the torn and twisted corpse of Richard Cypher’s father marks the beginning of the fulfilment of an age-old prophecy. Now the time has come to accept that magic, in all its’ myriad forms, is inherent in the Land and in its’ people-that it cannnot be ignored if the people are to survive. Only Richard has the power to confront the evil that is about to break through its’ Underworld boundaries. For his is a unique inheritance that proves him the Seeker, the rightful weirder of the Sword of Truth.

Only one man knows of Richard’s potential as a magician-for good and evil; of the threat that is posed when Richard stumbles upon Kahlan, the Mother Confessor, a beautiful woman beset by assassins. For not only is Kahlan the key to the Seeker’s magic, but she may, in loving Richard, be his nemesis and the Land’s.that man is a wizard, almost the last of his line, afraid to tackle an evil he has long ignored, to face the truth hidden behind the lies told in a vain attempt to protect the ones he loves.l...