While you were reading (Berg, Ali)(2019, paperback)

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Meet Beatrix Babbage - 29 year old dog-carer of books and accidental destroyer of weddings. After ruining her best friend’s nuptials, Bea relocates to the other side of the country in search of a fresh start, including meeting new people, living life to the fullest and finally pulling off balayage.

But after a few months, life is more stagnant than ever. Bea’s job is dead-end. Her romantic life? Non-existent. And her only friends are her books, her barista and her cleaning lady. 

Then Bea stumbles across a second-hand novel, inscribed with notes. Besotted with poetic inscriptions, Bea is determined to find the author - and along the way, she finds herself entangled in one hell of a love quadrangle.