Unknown soldier (Seymour, Gerald)(2004, paperback)

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Hidden in the vastness of the world’s greatest desert - the Empty Quarter of Saudi Arabia - a Pitney caravan of fugitives and campers moves slowly towards its goal.

In extreme heat and exposed to cruelly vicious storms, they cross a wilderness where only the strongest and most determined will survive. Deep in the sands, lost from sight, are the men they seek, the leaders of Al Qaddafi, hunted, pursued and regrouping to strike again.

One man in the caravan stands out. His strength and self-imposed discipline mark him. To look into his face and memorise it is to court death. His identity is masked, his past is blanked from his memory. What drives him on  into the brutal harshness of the desert is his obsessive quest to rejoin his family - the leadership of Al Qaddafi - and his loyalty to the family is total. For them, he will kill without mercy and without conscience. But first he must reach them and there be briefed on his target.

Searching for him in the limitless sands are American and British experts in counter-terrorism with a full range of sophisticated electronics at their service. Above him, quartering the desert, is the unmanned Predator aircraft, invisible in the cloudless skies and carrying hellfire missiles.

But he is no easy prey. If they fail to find and kill him, if he reaches his family and receives his orders, the Outsider will disappear again, before re-emerging in a teeming Western city with a suitcase that will create havoc and death when it is detonated......