Under the dome. Stephen King. 2009.

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It’s a bright Autumn morning in the small town of Chester’s Mill. Claudette Sanders is having a flying lesson and Dale Barbara is hitching a ride out of town. Neither make it to their intended destination..........

Inexplicably, an invisible barrier,has descended from ver the town. A woodchuck is chopped right in half, a gardener’s hand is severed at the wrist: the plane explodes with sheets of flame spreading to the ground and Dale Barbara, Iraq war vet turned short order cook, is forced to turn back into the town he so desperately needed to leave.

As the residents speculate about what has cut them off from the rest of the world, the Army searches for an inside man. ‘Barbie’ is put in charge. But Big Jim Rennie, the man who holds the town in his powerful grip, has other plans.And the Dome could just be the answer to his political prayers.

As food, electricity and water run short and children start to have premonitions of a terrifying Halloween. ‘Barbie’ is forced to take on Big Jim and his renegade supporters. Now time is running out for those living under the Dome.mCan they find what has created it before it’s too late?