Trip of a lifetime (Byrski, Liz)(2008, paperback)

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When parliamentarian Heather Delaney is shot in the shoulder outside her office, her life will change forever. Struggling to return to work, she is haunted by questions about the shooting. Was it personal or political? Who could hate her enough to want to kill her and will they try again?

But Heather is not the only one in turmoil. Her brother, Adam, and his second wife, Jill, are finding the demands of work and pre-teen children are putting a strain on their marriage. Adam, a cellist, hides behind his music while Jill struggles to keep the family afloat. And there's Shaun, Heather's electorate officer: young, loyal, ambitious and in a relationship he's not sure he wants; Diane, an office volunteer, still smarting from a bitter mid-life divorce; and Heather's aunt, Barbara, whose peaceful rural retirement will be disrupted by conflicting loyalties.

Then along comes Heather's old flame, Ellis, who has abandoned his successful career as a barrister to reinvent himself as a life coach. Romantic, flamboyant, determined to recapture the past and take control of the future, he looks as though he has all the answers. But is he the best thing that's ever happened to Heather, or the worst?