Tom Jones: close up. Lucy Ellis & Bryony Sutherland. 2000.

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Tom Jones: Close Up surpasses all other attempts to chronicle the life of a unique star who has been notoriously unforthcoming about himself. It also offers a fascinating insight into half a century of pop, spanning the Fifties pub scene of South Wales, the glitzy resort hotels of Eighties Vegas and a triumphant period of personal reinvention for a whole new generation of Jones fans at the start of the 21st century.This highly readable biography finally separates truth from myth to reveal the flesh-and-blood man behind the legend. With over 70 interviews including friends, family and colleagues, Tom Jones: Close Up offers a minutely-researched chronology of Jones' 40-year career as well as details of his odd life of deep family ties and unbridled sexual promiscuity. From Las Vegas and L.A. to London and South Wales, the authors the pieces together the roller-coaster life of Tom Jones spanning his carer childhood and the days of legendary stardom, through the career slump in the eighties to the spectacular comeback of the Reload album.