The Mummy or Ramses the damned (Rice, Anne)(1990, paperback)

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When archaeologist Lawrence Stratford uncovers the tomb of Ramses the Great, he unwittingly brings a havoc of destruction and desire to Egypt and Edwardian London.

Julie, his beautiful, strong-willed daughter, heir to his fortune, is awakened by Ramses to a dizzying sensuality she has never known before.

Elliott, the enigmatic Earl of Rutherford, at the mercy of a crippling disease, becomes obsessed by Ramses and the power that he holds.

Ramses himself, golden and glorious, the man who has a god’s secret in his possession. Overflowing with super abundant life, he must feed constantly the appetites he can never assuage.

And the mortals who share Ramses own sensuous zest for pleasure are those most at risk from his unceasing desire for Cleopatra......................