Silver weddings. Maeve Binchy. 1988.

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A unique family occasion is looming for the Doyles. Desmond and Deirdre will have been married for twenty-five years in October. Naturally there must be a celebration – but who is going to arrange it? And will the right people come? It is unthinkable not to have a party, but do Desmond and Deirdre Doyle really want one?

These are the questions which torment the Doyles’ eldest daughter Anna, as she thinks how best to commemorate her parent’s’ Silver Wedding. No use turning for help to her attractive but utterly selfish lover, Joe. No use asking her sister Helen, living in her London convent and struggling to be a nun, or Brendan her brother, who has chosen another form of exile on a bleak farm in the West of Ireland. Anna knows that the guest list and the party will be her responsibility alone, and so she settles down to invite the people she thinks her parents would most like to see.