Second chance country (Callen, Alissa, Baxter, Ros & Jones, Jennie)(2020, paperback)

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Long paddock Alissa Callen

Country girl Cressy Knight has convinced the small town Woodlea grapevine that she’s moved on from Denham Rigby, the cowboy who left her behind. Now it’s time to move on for real.

All Denham wanted was to be with Cressy forever, but a dark family secret left him no choice but to run. But when faced with Cressy’s desperation to save her drought-stricken farm, he can’t keep his distance. As they work together droving on the long paddock, their old attraction burns. But will Cressy be prepared to risk her heart for a second time?

Second Time Sweeter Ros Baxter

The last thing Genevieve Jenkins needs on top of two kids, a sick mother, a deadbeat ex and a heap of bad debt is for Mr Love of Her Lifemto ride back into her small home town of Sweet Pocket.

One-time bad boy Brodie Brown is back in town on a mission of mercy, but he can’t let this town - or the girl who broke his heart - get under his skin. When the town’s future is secure, he’ll ride away again - back to his life and his future, and away from the girl who could make both worthwhile.

A Heart Stuck on Hope Jennie Jones

With nothing left for her in Sydney, and no diagnosis for her daughter Ali, Adele packs her bags and moves her small family to the rural town of Dulili. In no time Adele finds herself drawn into the community - and into an unexpected friendship with her landlady’s grandson.

Tom is only back in Dunlili to help his grandmother and make new plans. Plans that don’t include his grandmother’s new tenant. But as Adele and Ali effortlessly work their way into his heart, he realises there are two crucial elements he left out of his plans - Hope and love.