Scarlet thread: Australia's Jack the ripper: a true crime story (Gurvich, Maurice)

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'A murder, which is as completely shrouded in mystery as the disappearance of Mrs Farrell from Collingwood many years ago, or the death of the servant girl whose rotting body was found on the premises of Mr G. B. Lewis, on the St Kilda Road, was brought to light last night.' This true crime story is being written by Victorian Magistrate Morris Gurvich and Solicitor Chris Wray using the Fairfax Archive to complement findings from the State and National library sources. The book will transport readers from 2006 to the year 1892, where they will see Melbourne change from a prosperous and cultured city that housed the headquarters of almost all Australia's commercial enterprises to a city struggling with ecomic depression. They will see how the police and detectives dealt with horrific crime before we had the benefit of sophisticated science and technology.