Safari: I won't cry, Mumma (Seath, Janet)(2004, paperback)

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When retired couple Janet Seath and Frank Scaysbrook offered to become surrogate parents to a six-year-old Kenyan boy for 12 months while he underwent surgery to treat horrific burns, they had no idea just how their young charge would completely change their lives. 

Just a few years earlier, three-year-old Safari Kamanthi had been sitting by the light of a kerosene candle, wrapped in a sarong, when a breath of wind blew the edge of the material across the flame and within seconds, the child's entire left side was alight, melting the delicate skin of his tiny body. Miraculously, Safari survived, but his lower face had been fused to his shoulder, his left-hand rendered useless and he had very little movement in his left arm due to scar tissue at his elbow and underarm. 

Safari's remarkable transformation in 14 operations over 12 months in Australia was featured on the Nine Network's real-life hospital series, RPA. Despite this gruelling schedule of painful surgery, Safari shone with a courage and irresistible sparkle that won over millions of Australians.