Ruins and excavations of Ancient Rome (Lanciani, Rodolfo)

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In writing the present volume the author does not intend to publish a complete manual of Roman Topography, but only a companion-book for students and travelers who visit the existing remains and study the latest excavations of ancient Rome. The text, therefore, has been adapted to the requirements of both classes of readers. Students wishing to attain a higher degree of efficiency in this branch of Roman archaeology will find copious references to the standard publications on each subject or part of a subject; while the description of ruins and excavations will not be found too technical or one-sided for the ordinary reader. Special attention has been paid to tracing back to their place of origin the spoils of each monument, now dispersed in the museums of Rome, Italy, and the rest of Europe. The reader, being informed what these spoils are, when they were carried away, and where they are to be found at present, will be able to form a more correct idea of the former aspect of Roman monuments than would otherwise be possible. The volume also contains some tables, which will be found useful for quick and easy reference to the chronology of buildings, to events in the history of the city, and to the various aspects of Roman civilization. It may be observed, in the last place, that the illustrations of the text are mostly original, from drawings and photographs prepared expressly for this work.