Private Oz (Patterson, James & White, Michael)(2012, paperback)

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With the best detectives in the business, cutting-edge technology and offices around the globe, there is no investigation company quite like PRIVATE.

Now, at a glittering launch party overlooking the iconic Opera House, PRIVATE SYDNEY throws open its doors…….

Craig Gesto and his newly formed team have barely raised their glasses, however, when a young Asian man, blood-soaked and bullet-ridden,staggers into the party, and what looks like a botched kidnapping turns out to be a whole lot more…….

Within days the agency’s case load is full, from a missing businessman whose latest scheme was a step too far, to a rock star terrified he’s next line for the infamous ‘Club 27’.

But it’s a horrific murder in the wealthy eastern Suburbs and the desperate search for a motive that stretches the team to the limit. Stacy Friel, friend of the Deputy Commissioner of NSW Police, isn’t the killer’s first victim - and as the bodies mount up she’s clearly not the last………