One false move. Alex Kava. 2004.

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Melanie Starks has never lived by the rules. She and Charlie, her seventeen-year-old son, have been running one con job after another for as long as she can remember, justifying the petty crimes as the necessary survival tactics of a single mother. But Melanie is getting sick of that life, and is concerned that Charlie enjoys being a thief just a bit too much.

Then Jared Barnett reappears in her life.

Jared has been released from prison after serving five years of a life sentence for murder. Set free on a technicality that by no means proves his innocence. Jared now exhibits a dangerous edge that comes from feeling more invincible than ever. He claims he has the perfect plan for a bank robbery - if only Melanie and Charlie will help. Reluctant, but deciding this will be her last ‘job’ ever, Melanie agrees.

But everything goes terribly wrong.

Seconds after Jared and Charlie enter the bank, Melanie hears gunfire. Both men run out, empty-handed, yelling at her to drive. Refusing to reveal what happened in those few desperate moments, the men have formed a silent bond that terrifies Melanie to the core.

After outrunning a police chase, the trio take refuge in a remote cabin, holding its’ occupant as hostage.

Later, Melanie learns that six people were shot dead that day in the bank and she is left to wonder who did what. Who lost control? Why did things turn so bad so quickly?

Only one thing is clear: a line has been crossed. Suddenly there’s no turning back, and there is nothing left to lose.