Monica’s story. Andrew Morton. 1999.

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In the summer of 1995, Monica Lewinsky, twenty-one years old and fresh from college, was taken on as an unpaid summer intern by the Office of Legislative Affairs, a job which brought her into contact with the President of the United States, Bill Clinton. What happened next has been documented worldwide, as a young and vivacious girl’s ‘crush’ on the world’s ultimate authority figure led to the cruellest public humiliation for her and her family.

For Bill Clinton, the affair was the latest of many personal blemishes on a public career. However, for Monica, or ‘that woman’ as Bill Clinton publicly referred to her, the events of those two years were catastrophic, at once demeaning and soul destroying. Betrayed by her ‘friend’ Linda Tripp, Monica found herself a pawn in America’s biggest power struggle. Trapped by Starr’s inquisition, Monica, her family and friends were all threatened with jail sentences if they did not co-operate. While Monica waited to face the Grand Jury, the media conducted its own trial. People who barely knew her were prepared to take cash from tabloid TV programmes in exchange for salacious gossip. Worst of all, while the world had its say about Monica, she was prevented by law from defending herself.