Moment of truth (Scottoline, Lisa)(2000, paperback)

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When Jack Newlin comes home to find his wife dead on the floor of their elegant dining room, he’s convinced he knows who killed her. Determined to shield the murderer from justice, Jack stages the crime scene so that the evidence points to him, then he calls the police to confess. And to hammer the final nail in his own coffin, he hires the most inexperienced lawyer he can find, a reluctant rookie by the name of Mary DiNunzio, employed by Philadelphia law firm Rosato and Associates.

Unfortunately for Jack, hiring Mary could turn out to be a huge mistake. Though inexperienced, Mary senses something amiss and begins to investigate the crime. She soon discovers that instead of defending a guilty client who claims to be innocent, she has an innocent client who is falsely proclaiming his guilt. Her ethics and instincts tell her she can’t defend a man who wants only one thing - to convict himself. Or can she?

Smarter, gutsiest, and dogged to the last, Mary decides to stick with the case. With help from the most unexpected sources, she sets out to prove what really happened. Because, as any lawyer knows, a case is never as simple as it seems. And nothing is ever certain until the final moment of truth.