Maximum ride: school’s out forever (Patterson, James)(2006, hardcover)

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Meet Max, Fang, Iggy, Gasman, Nudge and Angel; six absolutely unforgettable kids. With some major problems, THEY’RE BEING HUNTED BY KILLERS, BUT WHO?

It’s even worse than that. Max is sure that a microchip has been inserted under her skin - leading freakish forces of evil to ambush them at any moment...AND WORSE!

She and the others are supposed to save the world. BUT FROM WHAT? WHEN? AND HOW?

Max will stop at nothing to find answers. One thing she does know: it’s got something to do with an astonishing ability they have that no others can claim, THEY CAN FLY.

Max’s heart-stopping quest to protect her ‘family’ and investigate the mind-blowing mystery of her ultimate destiny continues in the scariest, strangest and funniest James Patterson thriller yet.