Martin Boyd: a life (Niall, Brenda)

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This is the first biography of Martin Beckett Boyd (1893-1972), Anglo-Australian novelist and member of Australia's best known family of artists.
Martin Boyd was one of the generation whose lives were changed by WW1. He served in a British regiment, survived the trenches in 1916-17 and joined the Royal Flying Corps. The pacifist beliefs which emerged from that war experience are central to his fiction, as they were to his life.
Boyd's was a complex personality: witty, generous, sociable, yet deeply reserved. He looked for his 'home of the spirit' in many places: an Anglican monastery, London's West End clubland, a Cambridge village, an old family house in Harkaway, Victoria, and among English expats in Rome.
In a fine study of a man and his work, Brenda Niall re-creates the Melbourne in which Boyd grew up, just before WW1, and traces his development as a writer during his restless expatriate years.