Love in another town (Bradford, Barbara Taylor)(1995, hardcover)

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As he approaches his twenty-ninth birthday, Jake Cantrell feels his life is completely stalled. Saddened and disappointed by the failure of his marriage to Amy, his childhood sweetheart, wanting to put more distance between them, and needing to concentrate on his new business, Jake moves to another town: Kent, Connecticut.

A brilliant and imaginative electrical engineer, with an extraordinary talent for creating special lighting effects. Jake becomes involved with an amateur theatrical group in his spare time. At the first meeting of this group Jake meets Maggie Sorrell, an attractive, charming woman soon to be forty-four. Maggie, an interior designer, will be working with Jake on the sets of their forthcoming . Little does he know on the night of their introduction that he has just come face to face with his destiny and is about to set out on the journey of his life.

Maggie herself has recently moved from Chicago to Kent, after her lawyer husband has left her for a younger woman. Now divorced and painfully out out of touch with her two grown children, Maggie hopes to start life anew.

In the process of renovating an old farmhouse for a client, Maggie hires Jake as the electrical contractor. Working together on a daily basis, watching the old farmhouse being transformed into a warm, enduring home, they fall in love. Ahead lie obstacles-the fifteen year difference in their ages, Amy’s sudden illness, her reluctance to divorce Jake, and Maggie’s own inner turmoil. But together they ultimately overcome the odds and find happiness in another town.