Loudness of unsaid things. Hilde Hinton. 2020.

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Miss Kaye works at The Institute.

A place for the damaged, the outliers, the not-quite-rights. Everyone there has different strategies to deal with the residents. Some bark orders. Some negotiate. Miss Kaye found that simply being herself was mostly the right thing to do.

Susie was seven when she realised she’d had her fill of character building. She’d lie between her Holly Hobbie sheets thinking how slowly birthdays came around, but how quickly change happened. One minute her dad was saying that the family needed to move back to the city and then, SHAZAM, they were there. Her mum didn’t move to the new house with them. And Susie hated going to see Herat the mind hospital. She never knew who her mum would be. Or who would be there. As the years passed, there were so many things Susie wanted to say but never could.

Miss Kaye will teach Susie that the loudness of unsaid things can be music - and together they will learn that living can be more than surviving.