Lost & found (Neale,Kitty)(2009, paperback)

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Taunted by everyone around her, 15-year-old Mavis Jackson is devastated when her only ally, her father Ron, leaves home to beat his gambling addiction. Forced to walk the streets in search of junk to sell, the future seems bleak.

Until an unexpected fairy godmother arrives in the form of invalid Edith Pugh. She needs help around the house and sees Mavis as the perfect solution. Especially as she has ulterior motives.

Meanwhile, Ron has fallen off the wagon and disappeared. Best mate Pete doesn’t know where he is and has to break the terrible news. But does he have another reason for his sudden interest in the Jackson family?

Back at Edith’s , Mavis revels in her new job. But when she learns of Edith’s true motives, she faces a monumental decision , one which could change her life forever.........