Long road to overnight success. Shane Jacobson. 2013.

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Hi, I’m Shane and this is my book.

A priest once told me that I would be dead by the age of 28 if I didn’t slow my life down.

Did I slow my life down? Well, no. I decided that going slower sounded a little dull. Between putting on fireworks shows, racing rally cars, and driving the world’s smallest car through a lion enclosure, I sure found other ways to increase my chances of coming to an end.

But these were just the things I was doing in between trying to make a career in entertainment. I’ve lived many lives and burnt every candle I could find at both ends. That priest could tell his boss that he had tried to warn me.

I’m happy to report that I don’t die in this book, but I do come close a few times. Hop in and take a trip with me down a dirt track called Jacobson Drive. But put your seatbelt on tight - she’s a bit of a wild ride.