Lockie Leonard scumbuster (Winton, Tim)(2007, paperback)

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Nothing’s simple for Lockie Leonard. Dumped by his girlfriend, he’s back to being the loneliest kid in town until he makes friends with the weirdest human being he’s ever met.

As if that wasn’t enough, Lockie decides to save the planet. In the middle of all this the inevitable happens - yes, he falls in love: he drops like a ton of bricks for a girl who’s not even out of primary school yet, and to make matters worse she surfs better than he ever will. Total life disaster. If it wasn’t so ridiculous a kid would get depressed.

Can a thirteen-year-old surfrat have a headbanger for a best friend, stay in love with an eleven-year-old grommet and still save his town from industrial pollution?

Sure. As if!