Life force (Du Bois, Barry)

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Faced with the recurrence of his incurable cancer Channel 10's The Living Room presenter Barry Du Bois left nothing to chance as he embraced a do-or-die treatment to extend his time with his precious young children and wife Leonie. With the team Chris O'Brien Lifehouse and his best mate, TV chef Miguel Maestre, in his corner, Barry shares an incredible story that is heart-breaking and life-affirming in equal measures.

Raised in a fibro house beside a six-lane highway in Sydney's west, Barry retired from his successful building business in his early forties to deal with crippling depression but got a second wind as a television presenter talking about his favourite subjects, building and design, and becoming a later-life father to twins after a long quest via IVF and surrogacy. Now, during what Barry describes as his 'last episode', he contemplates a gifted life and the lessons learned, including the value of a very special friendship.